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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law Practice Overview

Family-related legal issues can be one of the most challenging, not just for you but also for your loved ones. Be it a divorce or a child custody battle, the stress it brings to you and your family is overwhelming.

Moreover, the relationships between the parties involved in the family legal case go way beyond the resolution of the dispute, as many of the parties still have a lot in common, such as children, friends or extended family members. All these factors contribute to the delicateness of the family law case, requiring a personal approach, expertise and a great deal of empathy.

Our Approach

At Poluektov Law, we understand the sensitive nature of family law matters. We take time to understand your specific situation and tailor our legal advice accordingly. Our experienced family lawyers will provide you with expert representation and compassionate guidance to help you navigate this uneasy time in your life.

  • Divorce (contested and uncontested)

    Going through a divorce is challenging, and we at Poluektov Law understand it. We are dedicated to providing you with expert legal advice and compassionate support during this difficult time. Whether you pursue a contested or uncontested divorce, require help establishing child custody and support in the best interest of your children, or need help with the division of assets and debts, our team is there to help you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your divorce process as stress-free as possible while protecting your rights and best interests.

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  • Separation, Marriage or Cohabitation Agreement

    If you decide you no longer want to stay in a relationship with your spouse, divorce is the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is not the only option available to you. You may choose to separate from your spouse, divide assets and decide on child custody without having to apply to the court for approval or to look for a divorce lawyer. Your separation will be formalized by a separation agreement outlining all the details concerning asset division, child custody and other support details.


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  • Marriage (Prenuptial) Agreement

    A marriage agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement) is a legal agreement signed by two individuals before they get married. The agreement outlines how assets and debts will be divided in the event of a divorce or death of one of the spouses. The agreement may also outline other aspects, such as spousal support and alimony.

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  • Cohabitation Agreement

    A cohabitation agreement is usually signed between two individuals who are unmarried but live together. The agreement is similar to the marriage agreement but more tailored to reflect the circumstances of the unmarried couple. Regardless of the type of agreement you are looking for, our legal team is ready to provide you with a professional consultation and draft the agreement that best represents your needs.


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  • Child Custody & Support (decision-making responsibility)

    Apart from dividing assets with your spouse, you will often need to establish child custody and support (also known as decision-making responsibility) to make sure your children are provided for and receive the care they need while making sure the process is as least stressful as possible for them. Our lawyers will provide you with professional legal advice in relation to your rights and obligations related to child custody and support.


    We will negotiate child and custody support arrangements with your spouse’s lawyer as well as prepare all required legal documents, including custody and support agreement, parenting plans and court applications if needed. We will also assist you in resolving child custody and support disputes through mediation or other dispute resolution methods without the need to apply to the court.


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  • Spousal Support

    The grounds for spousal support are not automatically determined by the law. First, the Family Court in Ontario has to establish the spouse’s entitlement to support. Then, the court will decide the amount and the duration of the support. 

    We at Poluektov Law will provide you with all the necessary guidance and legal advice concerning the spousal support process in Ontario, including negotiation with the other party and the preparation of all the required documents.

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  • Spousal/Child Support Arrears and Re-Calculation

    Every parent wants to ensure their children are well-cared for and receive the financial support they need. However, there are also the financial needs of the parents that need to be satisfied. That is why determining the amount of child support is often a highly contentious issue requiring a lawyer’s professional advice. 


    The team at Poluektov Law is experienced in resolving even the most complicated child/spousal support matters, including determining the amount of child /spousal support and establishing the amount of arrears. 


    We help you determine the fairest amount of support by taking into account aspects such as undisclosed income and assets and claims of undue financial hardship, all to make sure your children/you have access to the financial support you/your children deserve.

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  • Asset Division

    Our team at Poluektov Law will help you navigate the complexities of asset division in the context of divorce or separation, ensuring your interests are protected throughout the entire process. 


    We will provide you with legal advice, help you with asset assessment, and negotiate with your spouse or their lawyer to reach a fair division of assets and liabilities. We will also assist you with drafting and preparing all required legal documents and will represent you in court if a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiations.

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