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Mykhaylo Poluektov Barrister & Solicitor
Member of the Law Society of Ontario

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We accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates

There are no high-stake cases for us. We treat all legal cases with the same level of dedication and commitment, achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Slide <h2>We accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates</h2>

Short appointment wait times

We are conveniently located merely steps away from the Ontario Court of Justice - Family Court, Service Ontario and other government establishments.

Slide <h2>Short appointment wait times</h2>

Secure your future with a Power of Attorney for Personal Care/Property

Ensure your peace of mind by appointing a trusted person to administer the healthcare and personal property decisions on your behalf.

Slide <h2>Secure your future with a Power of Attorney for Personal Care/Property</h2>

Plan your legacy with Poluektov Law

Control the distribution of your assets, reduces family disputes, and leave a meaningful impact for generations to come.

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Why Choose Poluektov Law

Poluektov Law is your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of a wide range of legal matters. Our specialty lies in a variety of areas, from family law and real estate to business and wills and estates. Our deep understanding of various legal fields allows us to offer our clients the highest level of legal support and representation, providing them with peace of mind that their legal matter is in the right hands.

Mykhaylo Poluektov, the founder and principal lawyer of Poluektov Law, is a seasoned legal professional who:


  • Is dedicated to serving you with the utmost integrity, respecting your rights, time and perspective, at the same time being 100% honest so you can always see the full picture and make truly informed decisions. 

  • Will always maintain contact with you and keep you informed about the progress of your case. 


Our client-centred approach, legal expertise and dedication to providing the best possible outcome for our clients have made us a trusted partner for customers in Toronto, the GTA and beyond. Trust Poluektov Law to be your partner in resolving the legal challenges you face and achieving the outcomes you deserve. 


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