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About Poluektow Law

Poluektov Law is your trusted partner in navigating the complex legal environment of real estate and family law. While these are our primary areas of practice, we are dedicated to providing expert legal advice in a number of other legal fields, such as business law and wills.

Our team of legal professionals led by our founder - a dedicated and passionate lawyer, Mykhaylo Poluektov - is equipped with a solid legal background and experience to help you navigate the complexities of various areas of law. Whether you are looking for legal advice on arranging child custody & support, buying/selling a property, or need expert advice on selling/acquiring a business, our team is here to assist you at every step of your legal matter.

Poluektov Mykhaylo, 
Barrister & Solicitor 

Mykhaylo Poluektov is a dedicated legal professional known for taking on cases that many long-standing law firms might overlook due to their complexity or perceived low value. With a unique dedication to assisting clients who have been turned away by other lawyers, Mykhaylo Poluektov has made it his mission to provide legal support where it is most needed.


Over half of his caseload consists of matters previously rejected by well-established law firms, highlighting Mykhaylo's commitment to serving those often marginalized in the legal system.


Mykhaylo Poluektov gladly accepts Legal Aid Ontario certificates, enabling low-income clients to access justice. Mykhaylo's approach to law is marked by a natural gift, nurtured by his extensive training at one of the leading law schools in the country and his experience in the legal field.


Legal services at affordable rates, acceptance of Legal Aid Ontario certificates, a personalized approach to every client, and direct communication with every client - these are the qualities that set Mykhaylo Poluektov apart from other lawyers.

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